Sales trainer, consultant & expert on selling – Brendan Walsh

My name is Brendan Walsh. I’m an expert in effective selling.

Clients tell me I was born to help salespeople sell better.  Talking of being born, my parents were Irish, I was born in London, I spent most of my life in Australia and I’m now based in Edinburgh. Still talk with an Aussie accent though.

So how did I end up who and where I am? Good question!

Who am I?

I’m open and honest. People say I’m enthusiastic, passionate and fun to be around. And I love a good laugh. When we laugh at work, with all the challenges work brings, then we’re all the better for it.   And it’s hard to feel stressed when you’re laughing.  But I am serious about selling.

I know without doubt that I have the skills and knowledge to help your business. And how do I help, specifically?  By helping you, or your organisation, to sell more effectively.

Do you enjoy selling?  Most people don’t.  And most businesses struggle to achieve or maintain the level of sales necessary to be profitable.

Sales is about people. It’s about building relationships, being honest and having decent conversations with prospects and customers.

I help you, or your sales team, to build positive relationships with your customers.  When you base relationships on trust and respect, you can sell more effectively.

I work with salespeople and sales managers, helping them set and achieve realistic sales targets.  I focus on practical and realistic skills and behaviours, not textbooks or theory.  Clients regard me as a facilitator, coach and mentor.  I don’t lecture or preach and if I think I can’t help you or your organisation, then I’ll tell you so.

I began my career in financial services.  In 1994 when moving from Melbourne to Sydney, I switched my focus from selling products to helping banks improve their sales performance.  I spent time in London, again working with financial institutions before moving to Edinburgh where I work with clients ranging from sole traders through SMEs to larger corporations.

Here’s how I work

I take the time to understand your needs before recommending solutions that will add value to your business. I will be honest with you (sometimes too honest) and when it comes to your business I will never sell you bullshit.

Here’s how I’m different

I focus on the behaviour of selling.

With a bit of effort most people could run a good sales training programme but the real challenge is in changing the behaviour of the people who attend.  That’s where I come in.  I’ll not only run your sales training programme, but working in partnership with you or the sales manager, I focus on long-term changes to selling behaviour.  Changes that lead to more effective and profitable sales.

I love what I do.  But I won’t make promises I can’t keep.  At the end of the day it’s up to you and your team, not me – my role is to teach, challenge and stretch you.  I will show you different ways of working and selling. And different ways of managing your sales force.

I have an expressive personality meaning I have the ability to get on well with most people. Getting along with people is vital to my business; it’s a vital skill for your sales people too.  If you can’t build relationships with people you will struggle to sell.  I can help you with that.

So that’s me. Call me when you’d like to chat about how I can help you to sell more.   But do it soon, before a competitor pips you to the post.

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