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In business today, indeed in life generally, we are pulled from pillar to post by numerous and varied challenges and priorities. Work harder; find more customers; improve efficiencies; get more from your staff; reduce expenditure. It sometimes seems never ending. Our focus is on one side of the profit & loss – finding new customers. Developing a vibrant sales culture in your business won’t happen by accident, it requires skills & determination, persistence & perseverance.

Successful businesses depend upon the quality, skill and motivation of their people, and even more importantly, the quality of their leaders in bringing out the best in their teams and individuals, particularly sales teams.

We’ve seen some businesses regard people development as a cost that can perhaps be done without, or at the very least minimised. Yet as individuals progress through an organisation the skills that they require to be successful change markedly, particularly skills that relate to leading, managing, influencing and coaching other colleagues. And selling!

Likewise, in high performing sales teams, the onus is on the sales manager to bring the best out of the team, by delegating responsibility, creating ownership and holding people accountable.

Before any intervention, we take the time to fully understand your business and the issues that you’re facing. We will spend time with your people and in your areas of business so that any solutions that we recommend are based on real business issues.

We will work with you to help you achieve your business goals through the efforts of your people. By building a vibrant sales culture.

Brendan Walsh has worked with organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to help them to build vibrant sales cultures. He has also helped businesses grow in areas such Sales & Service and Sales Management; Leadership and Management; Interpersonal and Team Building skills and Strategic and Large Customer Management. He is also an experienced executive and senior management coach.

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