What are we selling?

We’ve got our sales pitch perfected… We look & sound the part and we feel professional… We believe in our product… We’re ready to start selling!

Or are we?

It’s easy to get very focused on what we do.  We know our product, we know our market and we think that we’ve heard it all before.  Further, we think we know the needs of our customer or prospect.

If this is the case we have a big piece of advice for you…

Stop selling and start listening

The best way to go about selling anything to anybody is to ask good questions and then listen intently to the answers.

Selling is not about having the gift of the gab, and it’s certainly not about trying to brainwash your customer with heaps of facts or figures.

Customers love to talk about themselves and their business…

… Good salespeople listen to what their customers are saying, gather and consolidate the information that the customer is providing and then provide meaningful solutions to meet the real needs of the customer.

Remember – customers will more likely buy from you based on the quality of the questions you’ve asked and how well you have listened to them, rather than how well you have tried to impress them with your ‘chat’.

Stop selling and start listening!



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