Tell the Truth!

Why should we tell the truth? We recently saw some research that said that each of us tell in excess of 100 lies every day!

OK, many of these will be white lies.  For instance if a colleague asks you if you like their new hairstyle and you think it’s awful, you’re unlikely to tell them.  Your response is more likely to be something like ‘Oh yes, it really suits you!’

It’s one thing telling white lies to make a friend or colleague feel better, but it’s absolutely another thing to bend the truth in a sales environment.  If you promise something that you can’t deliver you will eventually be found out.  Likewise, if you keep telling people things that they want to hear, rather than the truth, it will ultimately lead to a disintegration of trust and a lack of desire to do business with you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to be known for my honesty and integrity?
  • Do I want my customers, and prospects, to be confident that I will do as I say?
  • Is my word my bond?
  • Do I want my prospects to be confident that if they become customers that I will work with them in an open and transparent manner?

The relationships that you build with your customers and prospects must be open and honest.  You want your ongoing relationships to be built on trust and being honest with them is an integral part of this.

Tell the truth – It’s a key to building strong relationships.

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