Sales through Service – your easiest path to new business

As salespeople and business owners we are all keen to write new business. But we often neglect our most accessible source of new revenue – our existing customers. In this tip we talk about sales through service.

We went to a cafe in Bruntsfield in Edinburgh recently for a relaxed Sunday morning breakfast (it was still morning, surprisingly) and leisurely read of the papers. We were the first customers there, although it did get very busy later.

From the time we got there the staff treated us like an interruption to their chatting, dishwashing and whatever else they were doing. After we ordered and got our breakfast they completely ignored us despite us being keen to order more coffee. When we asked them to come and serve us we again got the impression that we were a nuisance to them.

We later ordered a third lot of drinks (I drink a lot of coffee!) and the waitress clearly wasn’t listening as she brought the wrong order. By this time they we’re quite busy and definitely not interested in us.

So what can we learn from this? Plenty!

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Delight them and meet their needs and they’ll come back. Ignore them and fail to meet their needs and they won’t. It’s the responsibility of all team members to do this, whether they’re involved in sales & service or not. Increasing your sales through service is all about delighting your existing customers and getting them to spread the word about how good you are.

Finally, when we got our bill I was surprised how cheap it was. Maybe you pay for what you get!

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Brendan Walsh