Sales Activity – Just did it!!!

You’ll be aware of our view that results are not the most important aspect of sales… that particular moniker goes of course to sales activity.

However, there is clearly an inexorable link between results and activity, a link which high performing salespeople understand can help them greatly improve their performance. Specifically:

  • High performance salespeople detail their sales activity in a sales action plan, committing to the QDQ of activity, Quantity, Direction and Quality. (Refer sales tip October 2011 – )
  • High performers focus on the activities that are most likely to bring the best results. This may vary from month to month, and from prospect to prospect, particularly as external influences such as the economy and market conditions change.
  • However, the one thing that high performing salespeople focus on is the type of activity that has proven successful in winning them business.

Your sales time is valuable. It’s more than valuable, it’s like gold dust. Look critically at how you spend your time, and ask yourself questions such as:

  • Why have you been a member of a networking group for over a year if you’ve gained little or no business from it? Is it the group or is it your approach to them?
  • Why are you constantly calling similar businesses and getting no response?
  • Why have you missed out on 4 of the last 5 proposals you’ve issued? (Or even 1 of the last 5!!!)
  • Why do you find yourself getting drawn into ‘non-sales activity’ such as compliance, ‘special’ projects, administration & helping other departments.All great for teamwork, but will any of it be remembered by your manager if you miss your targets?

Analyse your activity. Work out where the highest leverage is for you in writing new business:

  • Where are you most likely to find new business?
  • What activities must you do?
  • What activities must you avoid? Yes you might like doing them but will they help you smash your targets?

After all, it is your time…

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