Personal grooming for sales success

Your customer will never tell you directly but the way your personal grooming often plays a big part in whether they’re prepared to do business with you.

The majority of the way in which we communicate is not through our words, but rather through the non-verbal methods of communication – body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and appearance.

It’s the old cliché – If you look like a superior product your customer it’s more likely that your customer will think you are a superior product.

We believe that in these days of dressing down at work, casual days on Fridays and the like, we can sometimes become a bit more relaxed about our appearance.  Let’s be clear – this will affect your potential for writing new business.  It may be ok to relax things a bit when you’ve got to know your customer, but while you’re building the relationship and certainly in first meetings, the importance of a crisp, professional appearance can’t be understated.

Here’s a tip – before going on a sales call, focus on your personal grooming, take a look in a mirror and ask yourself this question:
“Would I buy from me?”

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Brendan Walsh