Needs-Based Selling #1

Needs-based selling:

Think of your best customer:

  • You know their business.
  • You know what their challenges are for the next 12 months.
  • You know of their internal succession plans.
  • You are aware of the 3 biggest issues facing them right now.
  • You have discussed their expansion plans with them.

How may of these statements can you tick for your best customer?

If you can tick all 5 we’d say well done, although we’d probably question whether the customer would agree with your answers.

Needs-Based Selling is about understanding your customer.  Not just the details of the product or service that you’ve sold them, but really understanding their business.  We see very few businesses taking this approach, so when you do it will differentiate you from your competitors and ensure that your relationship with your best customer is a permanent one.

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