Customer focus

At the risk of stating the obvious, we should hand over our business card at the start of any meeting with a new customer or prospect. And we should turn off our mobile phones at these meetings. Otherwise, where’s your customer focus?

It all sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

Yet time and again we see salespeople start business meetings without passing their business card.  We’d say that it probably happens at least 50% of the time.  And we often see salespeople leaving their phones on.

Consider why we should hand over our business card:

  • If your customers and prospects don’t have your business card the chances are they won’t be able to contact you.  Indeed, we’ve heard of a Corporate Banker who actually missed out on a deal because their prospect didn’t have their contact details.
  • If you pass over your business card, it increases your chances of receiving one in return.
  • It will make sure the customer gets your name right.
  • It will help you to appear professional during the first 15 seconds of the meeting, a time when first impressions are made.

In terms of your phone:

If you leave your phone on and it rings, what message are you sending to your customer? Even if you don’t answer it you’re sending the message that they’re not all-important to you. Even if it’s on silent you will still get distracted.

What about the person calling you? They’ll know that it’s ringing and they’ll think you’re ignoring them.  So you’ve actually managed to turn off two customers potentially. (Well done you!)

Always hand your business card out at the start of customer meetings. And always have a number of spare business cards on your person or in your brief case.  The alternative is to remain anonymous.

And always turn your phone off in customer meetings.

Maintain a customer focus at all times, it will help you grow your business.


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