Passion (and how it will help you sell more)

A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed a fantastic customer experience in Gregg’s the bakers in Airdrie, in which a salesperson displayed an integral part of the sales process – passion!


Now, my Granddad was a baker, my Dad was a baker and my elder brother is a baker. Whilst I have no doubt that the quality of their baking was first class, I’m not sure that sales and service techniques ever featured that highly on their ‘to do’ lists. (But I can remember my Dad coming home from nightshift and having the still warm bread for breakfast!)


But back to Gregg’s. Being early for a meeting, I popped in for a quick cappuccino. I was greeted by a warm smile from the salesperson – ‘Can I help you?’


As the sales lady, Fiona, was getting my cappuccino she asked whether I’d tried their breakfast rolls.


I said I hadn’t.


Her response was ‘Oh you have to try them. They’re gorgeous.’


My response ‘Really.’


‘Oh yes. We have bacon & egg, sausage but the best are the egg rolls, they really are fantastic!’


Now the words she used were good, but it was the way she said them that was most striking. Passionate, enthusiastic & genuine, with a real desire to want me to experience their breakfast rolls. She really meant it!


What can we learn from this experience? We think plenty!


When you’re talking to your customers do they see your passion for what you’re selling?


Is your enthusiasm infectious?


I’d had breakfast but I actually wanted to try one of their breakfast rolls. Do you make your customers want to buy from you?


Are you the real deal, the genuine article when you’re selling? Would you buy from you?


It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling cappuccinos and breakfast rolls or million pound deals to corporates. People buy from people and if you’re not enthusiastic about what you’re selling why should I buy from you?


Fiona at Gregg’s was outstanding. Are you?


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