How should your customers view you – human being or sales catalogue?

In my business I want to become a trusted advisor to my clients. As a sales consultant I want to fully understand and meet the needs of my clients.

Information is king. The more information you have, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to help and advise your client and meet their needs. The less information you have, the more likely you are to play the price game.

Less information = Focus on price = Human catalogue

So, do you:

  • Want to position yourself as a resource and an expert in your field?
  • Want to build up trust and comfort levels in your clients?
  • Want to build strong long term relationships that lead to partnership?

Of course you do! In our view, it’s all about your behaviour.

If you want to be regarded as a human catalogue:

  • Hard sell your products and services at every opportunity.
  • Focus on price.
  • Sell the features of your products. (ahead of the benefits)
  • Go into information overload when facing an objection.

If you don’t want to be seen as a human catalogue, fully understand the needs of your client, sell the benefits of your solution to meet these needs and treat objections as an unmet need.

And never bring up price.

So, when you’re exploring needs and you get asked about price, what do you do?

Well, what you don’t do is respond about price! Continue to focus on understanding their needs. How can you give a price when you don’t understand their needs?

When it ultimately comes to discussing price, only do so after you’ve presented the benefits of your solution. List their needs as you understand them and focus on what your solution can do for them.

“You mentioned that….., we can help you achieve this by…..’  What’s in it for them? Benefits sell.

It’s a fairly simple choice really. Do you want to build strong relationships with your clients where you provide real solutions to meet real needs. Or do you want to be a Human Catalogue?

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