How to find and hire the best salespeople for your business

Sales recruitment can be tough. Candidates will often make the right noises but how can we really be sure that they’ll ‘walk the walk?’

In our experience, the key to being (and hiring) top salespeople is the desire to do the job. Professional selling is a skill, and because it’s a skill it can be learned. But your salespeople have to want to learn how to sell effectively.


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How to Overcome Call Reluctance in Sales

What is it about making calls that salespeople hate? The dictionary definition of reluctance is:

‘Unwillingness or disinclination to do something’

Given that making calls is a large part of the salespersons’ job, does it mean that most salespeople are unwilling to do their job?

We think not, although we also believe that most salespeople will face call reluctance at one time or another.  (more…)

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