Call Reluctance

What is it about making calls that salespeople hate? The dictionary definition of reluctance is:

‘Unwillingness or disinclination to do something’

Given that making calls is a large part of the salespersons’ job, does it mean that most salespeople are unwilling to do their job?

We think not, although we also believe that most salespeople will face call reluctance at one time or another.  (more…)

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Follow up

Right, follow up. This is a sales tip about something that we as salespeople fail to do more often than not. Statistics tell us that 80% of sales are made between 5 and 12 contacts, yet only 10% of salespeople follow up after more than 3 contacts. So if it’s that obvious, why don’t we follow up?  (more…)

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Focus on the customer

We’re currently looking to get our kitchen renovated at home and we’ve been doing the usual thing of calling into showrooms and having tradespeople around to give us quotes etc. In one particular showroom the sales assistant showed us all of their products, the styles, colours and explained all the features without asking us a single question! No focus on the customer at all!


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Relationship Building

Sales is all about relationship building!

A friend of mine recently went for a job interview. At the end of the interview when she asked for feedback she was told that “you don’t really have an agenda”. When she asked him to explain, he added “I’ve interviewed hundreds of people for jobs over the years, but the thing that struck me most about you is that you don’t seem to have any ulterior motives or agendas. You don’t seem to have an underlying side to you at all.” (more…)

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