A new year and new opportunities for sales activity

It’s a New Year and it would be very easy to ease ourselves into a kind of post-New Year take-it-easy culture of doing the bare minimum. Well, don’t, get cracking with your activity!

At this time of the year sales is a sprint. Businesses are looking to do ‘stuff’ and if it’s not your stuff that they’re doing it with it will be someone else’s.

More specifically: Remember those warm leads that you were following up before Christmas? Well get straight back on to them. If they were worth following up in December, they’re bound to be worth following up in January. Hit the ground running with your sales activity!

  • With the Christmas / New Year period over, your customers and prospects will be keen to develop their business. It is a new year and they will be keen to get back to business, and this is an opportunity for you.
  • Set a fast pace. The harder you go early in the year, the easier the rest of the year will be for you. Don’t leave it until February, do it now!

But how?

  • Follow up your pre-Christmas opportunities. It’s a natural thing to follow up after a break, so get on with it.
  • If you haven’t followed up a prospect for a while, do so now. It is a new year and it’s a logical time to follow up leads, especially after a break.
  • If you’ve spent a lot of time trying to get hold of a prospect without success, wipe the slate clean and start again. If it’s an important prospect for you keep trying.

Sales is all about completing the right activity. But it’s also about completing it on a timely basis. There is no better time than now, just do it!

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