10 Tips!

This month, we’re not providing 1 tip, but 10 tips!  How’s that for value?


  1. Stop selling and start listening.
  2. Do things for your customers that you don’t get paid for.
  3. Let the customer blow off steam if you’re walking into a bad situation.
  4. Always be positive.  Everyone loves positive people.
  5. Everyone is different so tailor your approach accordingly.  Be flexible.
  6. You will succeed or fail by the regularity and thoroughness of your follow-up.
  7. Keep in touch with your prospects and customers.
  8. Be yourself (and who you say you are)
  9. When you think you’ve made enough calls, do one more.
  10. Don’t take rejection personally.

Oh ok, one bonus tip:

  • Believe in who you are and what you do. Be confident and enthusiastic.  If you don’t believe in what you do why should I buy from you?
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