10 Common Sales Mistakes that salespeople make.

Here are 10 common sales mistakes that we regularly come across:

  1. Talking too much
  2. Thinking about your own situation and not that of your customer.
  3. Thinking about your own product rather than solutions to meet the real needs of the customer.
  4. Not completing sufficient pre-call planning.  Approaching sales meetings ‘on the run’.
  5. Overreacting to objections.
  6. ‘Hard-selling’ your products and services instead of uncovering the customers’ needs and developing solutions to meet real needs.
  7. Not asking the right questions.
  8. Inability to verbalise the strengths of your business.
  9. Not focussing on the right sales behaviours.
  10. Not following up.
  11. (Bonus track) Not having a positive mental attitude.
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